In the Current Issue (#241)

Beatlefan #241 takes stock of Ringo Starr’s solo recording career with Brad Hundt ranking his 20 studio albums from top to bottom. Also, this issue continues our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of “Abbey Road,” with Allan Kozinn examining The Beatles’ swan song (intended or not), John Firehammer dissenting from the view that it’s one of the band’s greatest albums, Rip Rense offering an alternative view of the new reissue, and Bruce Spizer and Ken Orth concluding their looks at the making of the album and its famous cover. We also have Wally Podrazik and Harry Castleman paying tribute to Peter Asher’s Beatle storytelling and Al Sussman assessing how things have changed (or not) in the 40 years since he started writing for Beatlefan. And, of course, we have the latest news (including Paul and Ringo tours), as well as reviews of other recent recordings and books and videos, including Macca’s new single and The Beatles’ singles box.

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