Here's how to place a Classified Ad in Beatlefan!
Complete payment must be made in advance. P.O. box numbers count as 3 words each, phone numbers and zip codes count as 1 word each, ampersands (&) count as the word "and" and hyphenated words count as separate words. Any ads advertising a service, business, multiple or bulk sales or any sort of sales list or catalog are commercial ads and the commercial rate must be paid. Non-commercial ads are $4.00 for the first 25 words and 20 cents a word over 25. Commercial ads are $8.00 for the first 25 words and 20 cents a word over 25. You may have your ad boxed for added impact for an additional $4.00. You also may have a bold heading over the ad (maximum 29 letters and spaces) for an additional $3.00. You can CHARGE YOUR AD! (Send credit card type, account number and expiration date.) The publisher reserves the right to reclassify ads and edit for style. Ads mentioning Beatlefan do not constitute an endorsement of that advertiser/ product. Enclose an additional $2.00 for a copy of the issue carrying your ad. Ads received after deadline may be held until the next issue.

Send ads, payments to: Beatlefan CLASSIFIED ADS, P.O. BOX 33515, DECATUR, GA 30033. CREDIT CARD orders ONLY may be faxed (with complete charge information) to 404-321-3109. Or you may call in a CREDIT CARD order at 770-492-0444 or e-mail