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Issue #29: Apple 15 Issue, Ringo's "Old Wave". $4.00.
Issue #30: Pete Shotton Interview, Dakota Days. $4.00.Issue 158
Issue #31: Pipes of Peace, More Pete Shotton. $4.00.
Issue #33: Special Section: Fab 4 on U.S. Radio. $4.00.
Issue #35: Summer of '69 Remembered. $4.00.
Issue #36: Broad Street, Beatle books. $4.00.
Issue #37: McCartney Interview ,Videography. $4.00.
Issue #38: Victor Spinetti Q&A, McCartney Part II. $6.00.
Issue #39: 15 Years After the Breakup, Julian. $4.00.
Issue #40: Beatles Family Album, Photo Edition. $4.00.
Issue #41: The Day The Beatles Came to Town. $4.00.
Issue #42: John & Yoko: A Love Story, Elliot Mintz. $4.00.
First issue Issue #43: Harrison's Back! Elliot Mintz, Part II. $4.00.
Issue #44: Elephant's Memory Q&A, Lennon Live. $4.00.
Issue #45: Wings '76 Tour Memories & Photos. $4.00.
Issue #47: Family Album, Press to Play, Beatlefest. $4.00.
Issue #48: Ringo Meets Press, Harrison 'Interview. $4.00.
Issue #49: Help!, Yoko Ono Interview. $4.00.
Issue #50: Beatles on CD, George Martin Interview. $4.00.
Issue #51: Sgt. PepperCD, Derek Taylor Interview. $4.00.
Issue #52: Summer of Love Revisited, Derek, Part 2. $8.00
Issue #53: Badfinger Interview, Best Bootlegs. $8.00.
Issue #54: Ringo in Atlanta, Badfinger II. $6.00.
Issue #56: Lost Lennon, Mike Mac, Rutles. $4.00.
Issue 155 Issue #59: Apple Records 20th Anniversary Special. $4.00.
Issue #60: Imagine: John Lennon, Ultra Rare Trax. $4.00.
Issue #61: 10th Anniv., Russian LP, Starrstruck. $4.00.
Issue #62: Sullivan, British Invasion retrospective. $4.00.
Issue #64: Flowers in the Dirt, Alistair Taylor. $4.00.
Issue #65: Ringo: Interview, Tour Report, Macca. $4.00.
Issue #66: Macca Interview & Tour, Ringo Tour. $4.00.
Issue #67: Macca Tour, Ringo in Court. $4.00.
Issue #70: Macca Tour, Driving The Beatles. $4.00.
*Issue #71: Glossy Tour Special, Macca Q&A. $4.00.
*Issue #72/73: Double Issue. Lennon Appreciation, Macca Q&A II Unplugged. $6.00.
Issue #74: Ringo Special, Macca's Secret Gigs. $4.00.
Issue #75: Oratorio, Secret Gigs, Bangla Desh. $4.00.
Issue #76: Harrison Tour, Apple, NYC Oratorio. $4.00.Issue 152
Issue #77: HarrisonTour, Wings, Unseen Beatles. $4.00.
Issue #78: Sgt. Pepper, George at Royal Albert. $4.00.
Issue #79: All Starr Tour, Writing for Ringo. $4.00.
*Issue #80: Special Issue: All Starr Tour Wrap-up. $5.00.
Issue #81: Macca Up Close, Mark Lewisohn Q&A. $5.00.
Issue #82: New World Tour, Beatlesque bands. $5.00.
Issue #83: Planet McCartney, George Martin Q&A. $5.00
Issue #84: Tour photos, Apple Daze, Remastering. $5.00
Issue #85: Early Beatles, Eurotour, Red & Blue. $5.00
Issue #86: Martin, TourFinale, U.S. LPs. $5.00
Issue #87: 30th Anniversary in U.S., Inside MPL. $5.00
Issue #88: Backbeat, Desert Island Beatles. $5.00
Issue #89: 101 Reasons to be a fan!, Sutcliffe. $5.00
Issue #90: AHDN, '64, Jimmy Nicol, Tom Scott. $5.00.
Issue #91: Dark Horse Tour, Peter Asher Q&A. $5.00.
Issue #92: Live at BBC, LIPA, Scott II. $5.00.
Issue #93:The Breakup, Songs Gave Away. Norm. $5.00.
Issue #94:Let It Be, Get Back sessions. $5.00.
Issue #95:All Starrs in Japan, Ringo Q&A, 1965. $5.00.
Issue #96:TourWrapup, Help!, Shea. $5.00.
Issue #97:McCartney, Jeff Lynne Q&As. $5.00.
Issue #98:Neil Aspinall, Martin Q&As. $5.00.
Issue #99: Anthology 2, Lewisohn, Alan Parsons. $5.00.
Issue #100: Maharishi, Ravi, Early fandom. $5.00.Issue #100
Issue #101: Revolver, Klaus, Jacaranda. $5.00.
Issue #102: Anthology video, Final TouR. $5.00.
Issue #103: Anthology 3, Robert Freeman Q&A. $5.00.
Issue #104: Threetles transcripts and pictures. $5.00
Issue #105: Monkees-Beatles link, Derek Taylor. $8.00
Issue #106: Flaming Pie, World of Pepper, J&Y. $5.00
Issue #107: All Starrrs, Pie, '67, Tony Bramwell. $5.00
Issue #108: Hari Speaks, Lennon Lyrics. $5.00
Issue #109: Lennon Legacy, Astrid, Paul Talks. $5.00
Issue #110: Ringo Sessions, Jurgen, Astrid. $5.00
Issue #111: Beatles vs. Spector, Badfinger, DVDs. $5.00
Issue #112: Vertical Man, Linda, Laurence Juber. $5.00
Issue #113: Ringo Q&A, Paul & Linda, J&Y Video. $5.00Issue #144
Issue #114: Martin Q&A, 8-tracks, Lon & Derrek. $5.00
Issue #115: Lennon Anthology, Sub, Klaus. $5.00
Issue #116: Jack Douglas Q&A; trivia, Ringo Q&A. $5.00
Issue #117: Julian, Francie, Collecting Beatles. $5.00
Issue #118: Tour, Lost Album, Mark Hudson. $5.00
Issue #119: Yellow Sub, Phil Ramone Q&A. $5.00
Issue #120: Remixing Beatles, Threetles Q&A. $5.00
Issue #121: Run Devil Run, Last Lennon Show. $5.00
Issue #122: Decade review, Beatles Comics. $5.00
Issue #123: Lennon and IRA, Rupert, Beatlegs. $5.00
Issue #124: Macca Sidemen: Robbie & Hamish. $5.00
Issue #125: Sidemen: Voormann, Horn, Keltner. $5.00
Issue #126: Alan White, POB, 'Toons, U.K. sites. $5.00
Issue #127: Macca Q&A, Lennon Memorabilia. $5.00
Issue #128: Making of ATMP: Peter Frampton. $5.00
Issue #129: Beatles in India, Eric Carmen. $5.00
Issue #130: Wingstory, Macca and Harrison Interviews. $5.00
Issue #131: Legal battle, Seiwell Q&A, U.K. sites. $5.00Issue #150
Issue #132: Ringo Q&A, Tour Wrap-Up, G. Martin. $5.00
Issue #133: David Kahn, Yoko Q&A,s '71 Albums. $5.00
Issue #135: Macca Band, Jools Holland, Pete Best. $5.00
Issue #136: Driving USA, Macca Q&A, Wings, Y. Sub. $5.00
Issue #137: Richard Perry Q&A, Gabe Dixon, Pete Best. $5.00
Issue #138: Solo Top 5, Macca Band Q&A, AHDN DVD. $5.00
Issue #139: Macca Tour Roundup, Concert for George. $5.00
Issue #140: Macca Q&A, Eric Stewart, Tony Levin. $5.00
Issue #141: Ringo, Mark Hudson, Peter Asher Q&As. $5.00
Issue #142: Macca Tour, Beatles '63, Liverpool, Ringo. $5.00
Issue #143: Ringo, Mark Rivera, Unreleased George. $5.00
Issue #144: Beatles' Big Apple, Macca Faves, Ringo Tour. $5.00
Issue #145: "Naked", Harrison Surprise, Eric Idle Q&A. $5.00Issue #151
Issue #146: Fab 40th Special Issue: Beatles on Sullivan. $5.00
Issue #147: Spring '69, Brian Ray Q&A, Sam Brown Q&A. $5.00
Issue #148: Macca Toons, Klaus Q&A, Macca engineer. $5.00
Issue #149: Dick Lester, Vic Spinetti Q&As, Tour Wrap-up $5.00
Issue #150: Covers, Lindsay-Hogg, Man Who Killed Macca $5.00
Issue #151: Capitol Box, Beetles, Tour Pix, HandMade. $5.00
Issue #152: Folk-rock Beatles, 2 Sides of Lennon, Growing Up With the Capitol Albums. $5.00
Issue #153: Hello/Goodbye Photos, Breakfast With Beatles. $5.00
Issue #154: Color Macca Cover!, Tony Bramwell Q&A, Ringo & Mark Hudson. $5.00
Issue #155: Color Help! Cover!, Complete Shea Stadium 40th anniversary package, The Beatles' Cartoons, Ringo's Films. $5.00

Issue #156: "Chaos and Creation", Lunchtime With The Beatles, With McCartney at Abbey Road, Ringo's Films, Part 2. $5.00 Issue #157: Macca Tour Roundup, two McCartney interviews, Olivia Harrison Q&A, Remembering December 1980, 10 Years Since "Anthology". $5.00
Issue #158: "Chaos" on PBS, BBC Vaults, Q&A with Will Lee and Filming Lennon in 1980.$5.00
Issue #159: Fans remember Wings Over America, Geoff Emerick Q&A Part 1, tribute to Mal Evans, teen magazines of the '60s. $5.00
Issue #160: Capitol Albums, Geoff Emerick Q&A Part 2, Fab Mags. $5.00
Issue #161: The Beatles' "LOVE" musical, All Starr Band tour wrap-up, special 1966 retrospective section, the "Butcher" cover and Denny Laine Q&A Part 1. $5.00
Issue #162: Filming Lennon's "How I Won the War", 1966: Year of Change, Denny Laine Q&A Part II, Coffeetable Beatles, "Rotogravure": An Appreciation. $5.00
Issue #163: Bagels & Beatles, Sean Lennon Q&A, "LOVE", Giles and Sir
George Martin Q&A, Rod Argent Q&A, Beatles in TV Guide. $5.00
Issue #164: Ringo taping, Fun Beatles Lists, 1977 remembered, Collecting Beatles books, Fabs on NYC radio, DIY: Year in Review. $5.00
Issue #165: Beatles on CD!, Yoko Q&A, Fab Faux, Trading Cards, $5.00
Issue #166: Sgt. Pepper's 40th!, Macca albu, Beatles cards. $5.00
Issue #167: Macca's Secret Gigs, Welcome to Beatles Country, McCartney Q&A. $5.00
Issue #168: Downloading Beatles video, Ringo & John's music online, Pattie Boyd Q&A, Denny Seiwell, Part 1, Collecting Beatles photos. $5.00
Issue #169: McCartney: The Video Years, Macca Videography, Harrison Downloads, Denny Seiwell Q&A Part 2, Collecting Radio Surveys. $5.00 
Issue #170: A Turning Point for Ringo, John & Yoko in New York City, Jonathan Gould interview, Denny Seiwell Part 3, Collecting sheet music. $5.00
Issue #171: Ron Schaumburg and fan memories of Growing Up With The Beatles, May Pang Interviews, Hands-On Collectibles. $5.00
Issue #172: Inside Apple with Ken Mansfield, May Pang II, Collecting Back Issues. $5.00
Issue #173: Helter Skelter '68, Nancy Andrews on Life With Ringo, 2008 All Starrs, More Apple tales with Ken Mansfield, February '64, Collecting "Yellow Submarine." $5.00
Issue #174: Fans on the White Album, More Nancy Andrews memories and pix, Earl Slick on recording with Lennon. $5.00
Issue #175: 30th Anniversary Special, Fans' Favorite Beatles B-sides, Chatting With Pete & Roag Best, More tales of Growing Up With The Beatles. $5.00
Issue #176: Mythbusting The Beatles in 1964, Pete & Roag Best Part II, Dave Stewart Q&A, 1964 the Tribute and fan memories of 1964. $5.00
Issue #177: Paul & Ringo onstage, Dhani Harrison Q&A, Beatles soul, Masters of Beatleology, Alan Livingston tribute, Cavern gatekeeper. $5.00
Issue #178: Macca Coachella/Vegas report, Awaiting Rock Band, Going Back to the Egg, Philip Norman Q&A Part 1, Beatles in Cleveland. $5.00
Issue #179: McCartney summer tour, revisiting "Abbey Road," a tribute to the "McGear" album and a Q&A with Dr. Ebbetts. $5.00
Issue #180: Twenty years of Macca touring, in-depth Beatles remasters and Rock Band coverage, Gary Wright Q&A. $5.00
Issue #181: Ultimate Macca Playlist, Fan's Guide to Liverpool, Backstage with The Beatles in 1966, Growing Up With The Beatles, Macca Dance Tracks, Mike McCartney Interview. $5.00
Issue #182: Macca in Dublin & London, Ringo Q&A, 21st Century Beatles, Julian Lennon Q&A, Mike McCartney Q&A Part 2. $5.00
Issue #183: Macca Up & Coming Tour, Laurence Juber, Plastic Ono Band live, Aftermath of the Breakup, 'McCartney' album and 1970, Dhani Harrison Q&A, Mike Mac Part 3. $5.00
Issue #184: Ringo at 70, the All Starr tours, reassessing the "McCartney II" album, Chris O'Dell on Apple Corps. $5.00
Issue #185: McCartney and Ringo tour reports, "All Together Now" tribute, Chris O'Dell Part 2, Laurence Juber Q&A, D.I.Y. Apple Records compilation. $5.00
Issue #186: Special Lennon at 70 section, Macca in Philly, Laurence Juber on Wings. $5.00
Issue #187: Macca "Band on the Run" Q&A, Apple Records consumer guide, Alternative Lennon Playlist, "Venus and Mars" appreciation, Peter Asher Q&A. $5.00
Issue #188: Macca's U.K. Tour, a tribute to fan favorite "The Beatles Forever," Lennon in D.C., solo B-sides, Laurence Juber Q&A Part 3. $5.00
Issue #189: Beatles radio update, McCartney "Unplugged," Lennon and Nixon, "Revolver" book preview, Joey Molland Q&A, Apple and the Modern Jazz Quartet. $5.00
Issue #190: Special Wings Over America section, Peter Frampton, James Taylor. $5.00
Issue #191: McCartney and Ringo on tour, a Fan on the Run meets Macca, Elvis Costello, Billy Preston. $5.00
Issue #192: Special George Harrison section, Macca wedding, Sir Paul's first ballet premieres, Badfinger. $5.00
Issue #193: On the Run tour report, Alan White Q&A, Olivia Harrison Q&A, Stuart Sutcliffe debate, "Stop and Smell the Roses," Macca Top 20. $5.00
Issue #194: Macca's "Kisses on the Bottom" album, Beatles "standard" time, special Wings section, John Lennon and cats. $5.00
Issue #195: Ringo interview, Macca at the Albert Hall, All Starr Band fan debate, Henry Mac, Monkees, Larry Williams. $5.00
Issue #196: "Ram" special, Tommy LiPuma on Making "Kisses", Giles Martin Q&A, Restoring "Yellow Submarine", Apple Delight: Lon & Derrek Van Eaton. $5.00
Issue #197: "Live Kisses," Ringo's All Starr tour, Joe Walsh Q&A, One to One concert memories, remembering Victor Spinetti. $5.00
Issue #198: "Love Me Do" 50th anniversary special section, "Magical Mystery Tour" reissue, Jeff Lynne, "Cloud 9" revisited. $5.00
Issue #199: McCartney On the Run tour wrap, The Beatles' first hit, "Revolver," Doris Troy, Jeff Lynn, Part 2. $5.00
Issue #200: "Please Please Me" at 50, First U.S. single, Retrospective on 200 issues of Beatlefan. $5.00
Issue #201: "Red Rose," "Material World," Red & Blue, "From Me to You." $5.00
Issue #202: McCartney's Out There! tour, "Wings Over America" reissue, Julian Lennon Q&A, James McCartney Q&A, Summer of 1963, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. $5.00
Issue #203: Out There! tour report, Ringo exhibition in L.A., Rock Show, "She Loves You" anniversary, Dancing with Yoko. $5.00
Issue #204: Photographing the Fabs, Fall 1973 albums, "With The Beatles," Beatles at the Beeb. $5.00
Issue #205: 35th Anniversary Issue! Loving the Fabs, Ringo Q&A, Mark Lewisohn Q&A. $5.00
Issue #206: Special issue celebrating 50 years of Beatlemania! $5.00
Issue #207: Beatles 2nd Album, Chuck Gunderson Q&A, Macca's Victory Lap, Mark Lewisohn, Newsstand Beatles $5.00
Issue #208: AHDN at 50, Summer 1964, Giles Martin Q&A, Jimmy Nicol, Macca Set Lists. $5.00
Issue #209: Beatles in Mono, 25 Years of All Starrs, R&B Beatles, NYC World's Fair. $5.00
Issue #210: Candlestick, Harrison catalog, Dave Morrell, Ringo Q&A, Beatle jazz. $5.00
Issue #211: Macca tour, Wings reissues, Beatle Xmas, "Beatles For Sale," 40 Years of Fests. $5.00
Issue #212: Meeting Ringo, Macca's bass, Glyn Johns and Nick Lowe Q&As. $5.00
Issue #213: Ringo Q&A, Gary Wright Q&A, BBC Collectin, "Ticket to Ride." $5.00
Issue #214: Lennon Consumers Guide, "Instant Karma," Macca 1990, "Beatles VI." $5.00
Issue #215: "Help!" at 50 special section, Onstage with Macca, 1965 Top Songs, David Paich on Macca and Jacko. $5.00
Issue #216: "1+," "Yesterday," Dave Edmunds Q&A, Live Lennon, Macca and Elvis Costello. $5.00
Issue #217: "1+" Special Section, A Fan Back on the Run, Ringo's Favorite All Starrs, Michael Lindsay-Hogg Q&A, Making of "Rubber Soul." $5.00
Issue #218: The Case for "Let It Be," Michael Lindsay Hogg Q&A Part 2, "Nowhere Man," Life of a Beatles Tour Guide. $5.00
Issue #219: George Martin tributes, Wings Over America special, McCartney's Musical Emojis. $5.00
Issue #220: Macca Goes Crazy, the True Story of the "Butcher" Cover and Lennon Sells Peace. $5.00
Issue #221: Larry Kane, "Love" 10th anniversary, special "Revolver"/1966 section. $5.00
Issue #222: "Eight Days" film, Beatles Live, Giles Martin Q&A, Larry Kane's London Diary, filmmaker Tony Palmer. $5.00
Issue #223: Beatles Oldies, more on the "Eight Days" film, Harrison's 1980s comeback, Macca's voice, a new "Ringo"? $5.00
Issue #224: Apple's Magic Alex, Macca's latter-day best, the "new look" Beatles of 1967, Beatles in surround sound. $5.00